QuAC believes in improving the health and wellbeing of transgender and gender non-conforming within Queensland, we believe in embracing and celebrating the diversity within our transgender and gender non-conforming, intersex and non-binary communities.

Support is also available for family, partners, friends, parents and allies.

We have a dedicated Transgender Health Promotion & Community Development Officer who can be contacted at [email protected] or phone 07 3017 1701

All of our programs are transgender and gender diverse inclusive, however we also offer a number of transgender and gender diverse specific programs, such as:

The Brisbane Gender Clinic: is run from our Brisbane office on Wednesdays by Dr. Gale Bearman.


Many Genders One Voice: is a sex and gender diverse health action group.


Other Support services:


PASH.tm and Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) launched GRUNT in 2016, Australia’s first sexual health campaign for gay, bi and queer trans men. QuAC happily provided additional support for the launch in Queensland.

Grunt aims to connect and address the very limited information available in Australia about how people who identify as gay, bi and queer trans men are affected by HIV and STIs in Australia, while being an incredibly sex positive source for good health information.

The term ‘trans’ is used throughout Grunt to refer to people with a gender identity different to what was assigned at birth. For this campaign that means men, trans masc and non-binary people assigned female at birth (including those of us who don’t identify as trans at all).

ATSAQ – Australian Transgender Support Association QLD


FTM Australia: is a peer based Australia-wide network offering contact, social support and information for men identified ‘female’ at birth who medically transition to male in Australia.


Transgender Safe Space (Sunshine Coast): This closed group is a safe space for all Transgender, Intersex, Queer youth/adults and their family/friends to discuss and/or get help with any obstacles or issues they may be facing


QT’s For TBoys: QTs is a monthly social support/catch up for TBoys


Open Doors Youth Service Inc – provides Advocacy and support services for LGBTIQ young people aged 12 to 24 and their families who live in South East Queensland.


SPOT “Supporting partners of trans people QLD: is a positive, supportive and safe place for the Partners of Transgender people where they can come and share their experiences, their fears, their hopes and be surrounded by like minded people in similar situations


Wendybird:  A community for meaningful connection for people of diverse bodies, gender, relationships and sexualities.


Transcendence: Monthly support group for gender diverse individuals

For more information contact: Casey or Dallas on 1300 364 277


Parents of Gender-Diverse Children

Parents of Gender-Diverse Children exists to provide peer support to parents and those parenting trans and gender diverse children.  They believe that gender is a spectrum and that parents who are well supported are better able to support their children.  No matter your age – you will always be someone’s child – so they do not impose any age restrictions on the families they support.



Another website has been created by Australian parents who have struggled to find information about services and support for issues around their children’s gender identity. We hope that by making this information easily available that in the future parents and carers will find it an easier journey to find help and support for their kids