Intersex people are born with physical, hormonal or genetic features that are neither wholly female nor wholly male; or a combination of female and male; or neither female nor male.  The term is not applicable to situations where individuals deliberately alter their own anatomical characteristics. Intersex is not about sexual orientation; There are as diverse a range of sexual orientations as non-intersex people. There are as diverse a range of gender identities as non-intersex people.

The diversity of the intersex experience may encompass particular health issues associated with being intersex, especially if a person received ‘normalising’ medical treatments in their youth. There are also mental health considerations.

We are currently working to ensure that our programs are inclusive of intersex Queenslanders. 

For more information visit:

OII Australia: an independent support, education and policy development organisation, by and for people with intersex variations or traits. You can also find out more information about intersex health, rights, demographics and statistics here.

Androgen Insensitivity and Advocacy for Intersex People and their Families (AISSGA) where you can read the Darlington Statement which is a consensus statement from an intersex community and activism retreat held in Sydney 2017 that outlines the current advocacy position for the intersex human rights movement.

National LGBTI Health Alliance Intersex Information

MINDOUT! Intersex Resources