Transgender, gender diverse + non-binary prison experiences

The University of Southern Queensland is seeking formerly incarcerated transgender, gender diverse and non- binary people willing to discuss their time on the inside.

This research project aims to identify transgender and gender diverse specific needs that are not currently being met and ways to improve access to quality health services and management practices within Queensland correctional facilities.

This is about exploring your thoughts and opinions relating to your lived experience during incarceration such as:

• General living conditions and environment
• Treatment by correctional staff
• Gender-affirming health care provided or not?

• Other/personal experiences

Contact details below for a confidential 30 minute face-to-face or phone interview in exchange for a $100 gift card.

For further information about this project or to participate please contact Dr Amy Mullens (+61 7 3812 6153) or Dr Annette Bromdal (+61 7 4631 1609), Principal Investigators, University of Southern Queensland or email