Wellbeing Gathering – Mission Beach April 12 – 15 posted by QPP

Queensland Positive People (QPP) have been funded by ViiV Healthcare to undertake a project aimed at Increasing the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with HIV in HIV treatment. Part of this project is to host a residential workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PLHIV. The retreat is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with HIV, straight, gay, male or female.

The aim of the retreat is to provide a safe environment away from home for participants to share their personal journeys, interact with other participants, take part in educational and cultural activities to strengthen body, mind and spirit and to have a break from the challenges and responsibility of their daily lives and to recharge themselves.

The retreat will be held in Mission Beach on the 12th April 2019 to the 15th April 2019 at a private and secluded resort, there will be no other guests there. All travel to and from the retreat, meals and activities are provided free for participants. Activities will include art and craft, fishing, music and dance.

There will be workshops as well covering subjects like HIV education, barriers to support and treatment and stigma and discrimination.

We will have an aboriginal chef to prepare amazing meals based almost entirely on bush tucker. There will be support staff onsite 24 hours a day to provide one on one support to participants and help navigate them through any issues they may have.

We are reaching out to sexual health services and other community organisations to find participants. If you have patients that are HIV positive and would benefit from learning more about HIV, connecting with other HIV positive people or have problems taking and staying on treatment, we would love to hear from you, and them. Please feel free to circulate this letter to other colleagues that may be working with people that could benefit from this retreat.

Another objective of this project is to learn from the workshop and find ways to support HIV positive people in community, support the communities themselves and hopefully reduce the transmission rates in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Participants will be asked to share their thoughts about ways engagement in treatment can be improved throughout the retreat.

This project is being led by a team of experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV positive people. We understand the cultural issues that go along with HIV and sexual health in general.

If you know of someone that may benefit from retreat, great, we have tried to make the process as simple as possible. Call Shep on 0499 799 858. Alternatively, he is more than happy to contact people in any way that suits. QPP pride themselves on its commitment to privacy and discretion and they promise not to do anything that might risk someone’s personal information. We quite often operate under other organisations names to protect our clients. It is our preference that a prospective participant shares at least their phone number with me so I can call them to explain more about the project and retreat. Alternatively email Shep on ashephard@qpp.org with a phone number and any privacy concerns or instructions you may have. Link to flyer is here Wellbeing retreat Flyer