QuAC partners with researchers, universities and other organisations to conduct research in order to better understand the needs of Queensland LGBTI communities. This research helps us keep abreast of current trends and issues within the community which in turn informs our policies and programs. Please see below for our past and current research projects.

Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS)

The Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS) by The Kirby Institute and UNSW provides crucial information to organisations like the Queensland AIDS Council to better understand the risk and testing behaviours of gay men in order to develop appropriate responses to reduce HIV transmission. In 2016, QuAC was involved in the training of recruiters who were facilitating the the GCPS across a range of sites in Queensland. We know that peers are best placed to conduct this recruitment, as they must be across the range of issues discussed within the Periodic Survey, and be able to survey men in a way that is not confronting.

The GCPS is important not only as a piece of research, but also an opportunity to provide health promotion. Knowledge of HIV and prevention strategies, including PEP and PrEP availability are discussed – this provides significant opportunities to provide health promotion messages to people completing the survey from people who are trained as recruiters. The 2016 results are available here:

The full 2016 Queensland Gay Community Periodic Survey results are available here:

Comeprepd to Dine (currently collecting data)

Exploring the impact of the rapid increase in access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) on Queensland LGBTI communities. Results will be published in 2018.

Queensland Chemsex Study (2017)

Results from a cross-sectional survey of gay and other homosexually active men in Queensland – substance use and sexual activity

States of Mind Report (2010)

Mental health and welling and Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs use in Queensland LGBT communities – A community needs analysis