Our LGBTI Resilience Campaign


Welcome to the #LGBTI Resilience Campaign.

The campaign was developed by Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) to highlight and promote the importance of resilience for LGBTI people and community. QuAC has been supporting the resilience of the LGBTI community since 1984.

The campaign recognises the strength and diversity of our entire LGBTI community. We have faced many challenges, and whilst there will always be some who seek to discriminate, we can be sure that we will draw strength from this as we have done so in the past.

As individuals, and as a community we are powerful. We are diverse. We are resilient.

The LGBTI community is entering into a challenging time. Many of us have already seen and experienced the hurtful and damaging messages put to LGBTI people on social media, at work, or through our family units. As a community, we are facing challenges to our mental health, challenges to our wellbeing, and challenges to our lives.

It’s time to reclaim our mental health and to reclaim the strength that we as a community bring as LGBTI people. We can now use the recent challenges to our community to make us stronger, more creative, and more resilient.

During these times of challenge, it is important to look after yourself as individuals and as a community.

Here are a few practical steps to build resilience, and to support one another:

Log off Social Media

  • It is OK and sometimes important to walk away from social media. The comments we read and the pictures you see can be hurtful.

Stay Active

  • Work within your own means and your own fitness levels. Try to do something active, whether it be going outside, going to the gym, going for a walk, or go dancing. Do an activity that you really enjoy doing.

Recognise your Feelings

  • Recognise and understand your reactions to situations. Now is a good time to step back and take time to acknowledge how you feel, and think about why the words or images are affecting you. Be mindful of how your actions impact on others (sometimes positively).

Connect with People

  • Now is a great time to connect with friends, family, or people who are supportive and encouraging. Now is a great time to make friends, or to join a social group. Surrounding yourself with positive, empowering people is a great way to build resilience.

Eat and Sleep Well

  • Make sure you are taking time for yourself, by eating well and getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep can be great for the mind and spirit, and can reset the mind for the day ahead.


  • Relaxing is often much harder than we realise. Take time to relax. Take time to focus on taking a few deep breaths, meditate, or even go to your local park with your favourite book. Take some time out for you.

Support Others Around You

  • Supporting others can be empowering not only for you but for others as well. Support the community. It’s times like these when your passion is reignited. Reach out to your local LGBTI community group, or sports club, or maybe put up your hand as a volunteer. We all have something to offer and as a community we are powerful.

Be Creative

  • A great way to be resilient is to distract your mind from the situation, and refocus on something you love doing. Writing, painting, drawing, or doing yoga are all great examples of unleashing your inner creativity.

Head over to our campaign site at www.lgbtiresilience.com to see more.

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