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Queensland Council for LGBTI Health

(formerly Queensland AIDS Council)

Executive Officer: Communities (EOC)

Application Package (Re-advertised)




Level 5.1 – Queensland AIDS Council Inc. Enterprise Agreement 2018.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action:

The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (formerly the Queensland AIDS Council) promotes Equal Employment Opportunity. All selection is based on proven experience, qualifications and/or training and the person’s potential to undertake the responsibilities of the position most efficiently. We will not discriminate against applicants on any grounds not relevant in determining the best person for the position.

The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health utilises the Rainbow Tick Principles and Practice Standards to guide its own work, and uses this Framework to facilitate LGBTI Sistergirl and Brotherboy inclusion and continuous innovation and quality improvement amongst staff and other parts of the organisation. Meeting the Practice Standards in their own work is a key deliverable for all staff roles.

The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health is also committed to walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to build stronger relationships, cultural autonomy, understanding and recognition of the history, cultures and diversity that make up Australian First Nations peoples.

Term of Employment:           

Contract to June 30, 2022, with extensions dependent on funding.

Hours:                                                 Full time –  38 hours per week.

Salary:                                                $103,341.22 (Level 5.1)


 Working from home:              QC staff are currently working a mixture of home based and office based hours. Depending on circumstances, recruitment may occur  entirely or in part online and the successful applicant may be expected  to work remotely as circumstances require.

Salary Packaging

Like most charitable organisations, The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health is willing to pay a percentage of the salary as expense fringe benefits – i.e. reimbursements to employees for their own expenses such as private telephone costs, rent or mortgage payments, personal loan repayments, etc.  These non-cash benefits are not subject to income tax. The Federal Government imposes a net cap of $15,900 pa on expense fringe benefits, above which the range of allowable expenses is restricted.

All applications must be received by 5pm, Monday 1st March 2021. No late applications will be accepted.


Included in the Application Package:

To help you develop your application, please find below the following documents:


The Position Description describes the nature of the position and the responsibilities of the person in the position.  The information includes:

Position Background, Statement and Purpose.

Accountability Objective.

This is the result or outcome that the advertised position is designed to achieve. The employee who fills the position will be responsible – within reason – for the achievement of the Accountability Objective.

Reporting Relationships.

This section lists the immediate supervisor for the advertised position as well as the staff and volunteers (if any) who are supervised by the advertised position. QC also offers Cultural Supervision for staff who request this.


These are the specific areas of work undertaken within the advertised position. The duties are defined in terms of the contribution expected of the person in the position and the desired effect of that contribution on the organisation and/or its clients.


The selection criteria describes the knowledge, abilities, lived experience and qualifications required for the advertised position. This is the set of qualities of the ideal appointee to the position. Most often, the successful applicant is someone who rates high in at least half of the selection criteria and does not rate low in any selection criterion.

The Selection Process

The selection process will be conducted with the support of a selection panel who will be responsible for processes which may include considering applications, short listing, conducting selection techniques applicable to the selection criteria, and referee checks.

The selection process includes:

  • Acknowledgement of all applications received for the advertised position.
  • Consideration of all applications against the selection criteria for the position.
  • Short-listing of applications that demonstrate sufficient merit to warrant further consideration.
  • Further selection techniques will be conducted with short-listed applicants. The selection techniques will include online interviews and may include work samples.
  • Referee checks for candidates rated highest by the selection panel.
  • Recommendation for appointment made and confirmed.
  • Advice to unsuccessful applicants and feedback to applicants upon request.

Your Application

For your application to be considered you need include the following:

1. A COVER LETTER that describes your knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications relevant to each of the Responsibilities and Key Result Areas. Please remember to keep this brief (maximum two pages).

2. A CURRICULUM VITAE (OR RÉSUMÉ) that provides a summary of your work experience and professional education and training. Include where you have worked, positions you held, period of employment and brief details of duties and responsibilities.

3. A RESPONSE TO THE KEY SELECTION CRITERIA outlining your experience, skills and knowledge that relate to this position. Please keep this brief (maximum of two pages).

4. REFEREE CONTACT DETAILS – the names, positions and telephone contact numbers for at least three work-related referees. These should be people who can comment on your ability to perform the role for which you are applying. It is best to include recent supervisors. While it is not compulsory to provide current/most recent employer referees at this stage, final appointments will not be confirmed until a referee report has been obtained from your current or most recent employer.

Submitting an Application

For more information, please see the information within the Position Description here, including Selection Criteria, How to Apply and relevant days.

Please forward applications to Shaun Staunton, Deputy CEO via email at sstaunton@quac.org.au or via post to PO Box 1372, Eagle Farm DC Qld 4009. 

All applications must be received by 5pm, Monday 1st March 2021. No late applications will be accepted.

Applications will not be considered unless the Selection Criteria has been clearly and fully addressed.

Further Details

For further information or questions about the position, please contact Shaun Staunton on 3017 1777 or sstaunton@quac.org.au