In 2014, Queensland AIDS Council made the bold step to build on its successful Testing Point service by establishing a full time day clinic, Clinic 30.

The organisation, despite not receiving funding for the service, decided that the needs of the LGBTI community were not being met, and that many people were not being tested, nor treated for STIs. We recognised the barriers to accessing PEP, and the difficulties LGBTI people had in “coming out” to their local or family GP. At this time, very few people had heard of PrEP.

The first day time consults occurred in September 2014, with Clinic 30 opening its free services to people with a Medicare Card. Two GPs were employed to staff the Clinic, as well as a Practice Manager.

Very quickly, demand for the service grew, as the list of services available at Clinic 30 grew.

The service is now far more that what it was started as in its early days – the clinic now provides comprehensive testing for HIV, testing and treatment services for syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia, provides mental health care plans, and a range of other medical services that may be relevant to LGBTI people.

The services is friendly, staffed by LGBTI people who are experts in the field. No need to come out to your GP, and no need to have the awkward discussion about sexuality or gender identity. Rapid testing results can be given within 30 minutes, and other results (with treatment) can be given within days. Sex industry workers are welcome for their certificates.

For information, or to make an appointment, simply call us on 3017 1777.



We’re at 30 Helen Street, Teneriffe.

Call 3017 1777 for an appointment.