Zest Lesbian Wellbeing (formerly LHAG) was formed in 2008 to lead on the development of health initiatives for lesbians and other same sex attracted women.

The goals of the group are:

To improve the health and wellbeing of lesbians and same sex attracted women in Queensland.

To build on past and current initiatives and the existing strengths and resources of women.

To develop new and innovative responses to lesbian health using evidence-based practice.

The term ‘Lesbian’, for the purpose of the work of the Zest Lesbian Wellbeing refers to all people who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer and same sex attracted and trans women in Queensland.

This group includes, but is in no way limited to, lesbians, gay women, dykes, women who have sex with women (WSW), queer women, women-partnered women (WPW), trans women, lezzos, SSAW, lipstick lesbians, sporty dykes, of Sapphic inclination, butch lesbians, bull dykes, stone butches, femmes, lesbian transwomen, gender queer people, diesel dykes, baby dykes, stealth dykes, transdykes, bicurious women, non-heterosexual women, fluid, androdykes, bois, bulldaggers, vagitarians and anyone who is on this side of the fence, on our team or one of us.

So all of our activities and events are open to anyone who may identify with any of the above!

Volunteering with Zest Lesbian Wellbeing

Zest is always looking for women who are interested in volunteering.

Volunteer activities include:

– Outreach at womens events

– Planning and facilitating drug and alcohol free social events

– Planning and facilitating physical activities

– Planning festivals and community events

– Supervising stalls and distributing informaiton at community events

To become a volunteer, please register as a QuAC volunteer at https://www.quac.org.au/volunteer indicating you wish to volunteer with Zest Lesbian Wellbeing.